Banking & Insurance

Transformation is driving Banking and Insurance organisations and the most impacted constituency is the consumer. Consumer expectations are ever increasing and determines the products and services banks should offer. Digital Banking solutions are becoming a priority for consumers.

Our solutions are geared towards building loyalty and driving profitability. We partner with Banks and insurance organisations and offer digital solutions to anticipate customer needs and offer an engaging customer experience.


CRM Digital Marketing Business Analytics
Risk and Compliance Social Media Mobile
Payments Transformation Consumer Research IT security

Customer Experience and Digital Marketing.

As a global knowledge organization, we provide a spectrum of services in Customer Relationship Management and Digital Marketing. Driven by the mission to enhance the knowledge and practice of CRM, we conduct many industry-academic best practice initiatives and leverage our knowledge in research, consulting, education, training and Technology to improve organizational and individual productivity.

Social Media and Marketing.

We bring deep competencies in social media from strategy to implementation including brand positioning, communication, creatives, campaign management and data driven digital marketing complemented with technology skills across creatives, visual design, web, mobile and social applications.

Data Management and Analytics

Enterprise Data and Information Management. Establish & Streamline people, processes and technology utilizing enterprise-wide information enabling transformation and performance excellence.
Data Science services Our team of experienced data scientists and technologists bring competencies in Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management critical for enterprises to make sense of data and take informed decisions.
Data and Analytics as service State of the art cloud technology that enables a highly user-centric experience, built on an enterprise class infrastructure that comes with prebuilt Analytics solutions and tools.

IFRS Solutions.

We offer IFRS 4 solution for insurers to manage operational costs, KPIs, and forecasting in addition managing communication with capital markets. Our IFRS 9 solution addresses requirements including data storage, calculations, posting, reporting and disclosure right out of the box. The solution is built to address IFRS 9 requirements that can easily adapt to address other reporting requirements without a disrupting existing finance processes.

Some of our Engagements

  1. Analysis of Internet Banking usage and satisfaction across customer segments for a large Bank.
  2. CRM best practices in Internet banking for a large bank.
  3. Digital campaign management for a bank to increase deposits.
  4. Re-engineered marketing process for an insurance organization.