Data Management and Analytics.

Data and Information Management challenges. There is a need to transform data into trusted, actionable assets to grow business, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Business-IT partnership is required to establish people, processes and technology to drive the right information. Size and variety of data has grown exponentially and will only increase in the future. Data and Information remain locked within silos of business and technology and new organizational programs are creating new proprietary data formats and resulting in potential silos. Enabling access to data in a timely and cost-effective manner while protecting information assets is key. There is a need for an appropriate foundation for self-service with cost-effective BI rendered services.

Enterprise Data and Information Management Advisory services This is typically a 6-8 week advisory service for data and information management. The study will benefit both business and IT to establish or streamline people, processes and technology driving the right data to facilitate the desired transformation and increased performance.
Data science services Our experienced team of Data scientists along with the technology brings competencies in Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Management (KM) critical for an enterprise to capture information and make informed decisions
Enterprise-class cloud solution for Data and Analytics-as-a-service (DAaaS) State of the art cloud technology that enables a highly user-centric experience, built on an enterprise class infrastructure that comes with prebuilt Analytics solutions and tools.
  • Telecom: Provided analytical insight, listening across multiple social channels improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Telecom: Segmentation, Launch of New products, usage and awareness behaviour, Field experimentation design – Testing 180 products before a major launch.
  • Retail: Extensive analysis of data for 24 global Retailers & 5 manufacturing companies for post audit recovery best practices.
  • Energy Company: Demographics data acquisition and analysis.