Meeting the challenges of Educational Institutions

EduCloud is our technology solution for universities and other educational institutions to streamline and automate their operations end-to-end. This cloud based solution is designed to optimize operations, provide information intelligence, achieve operational efficiencies, improve faculty and student satisfaction while driving growth.

EduCloud can help manage information flow effortlessly and seamlessly, so that data is accessible across functions at the click of a button. The solution allows faculty to plan their work flow better, make accurate forecasts, and create a data repository that is secure and continuously updated.

Solution highlights.

  1. Governance Management: An integrated solution for administration, streamlining planning and operational activities and better manage resources and time.
  2. Analytics: Real time information at the click of a button provides keen insights for faster decision-making. Get in-depth information on the health of your Institution.
  3. Cloud Technology: Ease the burden of your IT infrastructure by running your operations on the cloud in a local datacenter.

Integrated specialised solutions.

EduCloud comes integrated with an e-Learning solution and a collaboration platform based on social media for student and faculty interaction.

Complete e-Leaning solution

The e-Learning system is designed for near support, distance learning and post graduate programmes. This will enable the universities to take in a greater number of students into both distance learning and post graduate programmes, and yet at the same time utilise the existing faculty strength to facilitate and drive this programme in the most effective way.

The solution takes education experience mobile, delivers lecturers session via online platform and reduces cost.

Social collaboration Platform.

Wiksate is our social collaboration platform that allows for the seamless capture of the informal learning process through a web based and mobile app enabled solution.

The solution aids in expanding the learning ecosystem across classrooms, seniority, disciplines, region and industry. Students and staff can be provided an opportunity to interact informally without having to be restricted to time bound infrastructure. Informal learning process can be measured and can complement the formal learning.

Making Learning Intelligent.