Flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We bring enterprise class IaaS cloud solutions that meet the security, compliance, performance and efficiency requirements needed to migrate and manage the most complex mission-critical applications across hybrid, private or public cloud environments. The underlying technology is provided by Flexiscale, providing state of the art cloud technology that enables a highly user-centric experience, built on an enterprise class infrastructure. Our cloud solution brings peace of mind in price, reliability, performance,legal compliance and data security, whilst still maintaining regional data centres.

Flexiscale is one of Europe’s first cloud platform allowing end users to benefit from hosting scalable infrastructure and provides a flexible and powerful service/application delivery platform for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services globally.

Global Cloud Data Centres and Network reach

  1. Multi tenancy.
  2. Ease and track cloud usage and find new routes to reach the largest cloud market.
  3. Metering and Billing.
  4. Ability to bill and take payments based on accurately measured consumption data.
  5. Multi Hypervisor support.
  6. Ability to decide which hypervisor should power their workload.
  7. Multi-tier Storage.
  8. Match specific workloads to required storage performance.
  9. Scalable Architecture.
  10. Cloud Orchestrator is a scalable software architecture to ensure the support of locally and geographically scalable hardware topologies.
  11. Blue print.
  12. Using the one-click deploy capability, all tasks are automated and repeatable with minimum effort.
  13. 3rd Party Plugins and API’s.
  14. Incorporate code written by third parties to extend the software business logic and call out to external systems.

Comprehensive services portfolio.

Cloud Advisory: Our cloud advisory service is 6 to 8 weeks’ duration delivered on fixed price. Our advisory can provide the ability to align your organisation’s core business objectives, computing infrastructure and operational requirements to your own timeframe and budgets. The information collected and the resultant blue print is pertinent to adoption of any cloud solution regardless of which platform or provider you ultimately choose.