Omnichannel experience on cloud.

Omnichannel is top in the agenda for successful retail organisations. The new customer expectation requires changing role of the physical store and integration with digital channels to provide consistent brand experience.

Implementing a platform that will deliver omnichannel experience and meeting customer expectations is becoming a major strategy for the business. The platform should have the ability to integrate with legacy systems and at the same time deliver digital experience that customers demand

Olabi, our omnichannel solution brings digital experiences to brick and mortar retail stores. The platform enables retailers to offer shoppers the convenience through new levels of personalisation, integration of offline and online channels. More importantly, the stores can deliver an engaging instore digital experience.

Me-commerce, it is retailing to ‘Me’ the individual.

It is this simple belief that has inspired Olabi to create the world of Me-Commerce. A world where shoppers always come first, where technology is not something to fear, where store assistants can really assist, and where the fine line between online and offline ceases to exist. Olabi reinvents shopping.

Omni Channel shopping experience – Engage with the brand across channels (Web, Social, Store) and complete sale in any channel.

In-Store Experience – Provide digital experience on smart devices that deliver the brand experience available on other digital channels.

Personalization – Provide a personalized service that is customized specifically for the individual shopper.

Technology – Don’t let technology issues holding back from delivering on Consumer expectations.

Solution Features

Retail Operating System Cashiering | Endless Aisles | Omni Channel | Cloud/SAAS
Me-commerce Aisle 360 | Precision Marketing | Consumer Insight | Client Telling
Retail collective Payment Gateway | Gift Card Management | Voucher Management | Logistic Partnering |
Hyper Local
Retail Economics Store Profitability | Price Management | Retail Wiki App

Drive Profits

Enhance Brand Value

Meet customer service objectives

Reduce Investments