Nfinite – Cloud solution for Data Management and Analytics.

Nfinite is our cloud solution to facilitate accessibility of business-critical data and Business intelligence in a well-timed, highly secure, flexible and affordable manner by eliminating redundancy and reducing expenditure.

Nfinite solution is hosted on FlexiScale platform. Flexiscale is one of Europe’s first cloud platform allowing end users to benefit from scalable infrastructure that provides a flexible and powerful service/application delivery platform for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services globally.


  1. Data Management and BI is complex, expensive and requires expensive consulting and long implementation cycles.
  2. There is an increasing need for non-IT business experts to build and consume solutions. The opportunities exist in producing industry-level insights and benchmarks.
  3. Unstructured data is growing rapidly with 80% of all new data being unstructured. There is a need to combine traditional analytics capability with SaaS-type delivery. Open source tools are growing in importance, often on cloud-type infrastructure, leveraging services-focused models.
  4. Medium-sized organisations have a similar need for analytics but without the resources & budgets of large enterprises.
  5. Reduce risk, cost, time to market and increase business value.

Spotlight on Data and Analytics as Service (DAaaS)


A Cloud solution that provides analytical capabilities and use cases. Enterprise class cloud infrastructure
Data Management and Analytics applications to solve complex business problems. Managed Hosting and Local Data Centre
Feed your enterprise data and get back concrete and useful analytic insights. Software Defined Everything
Prebuilt Analytics applications come with complex workflows and algorithms Service Assurance
Integrated with solutions from our innovation partners Metering and Pricing


Our competency centers with deep expertise in Data insights, accelerators and Industry best practices.